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We understand how difficult it is to even consider the loss of a beloved pet. Losing a four-legged companion can seemingly turn the world upside-down. As devastating as those times can be, they help to shape our views and strengthen our drive to give them everything they deserve for being our unconditionally loving friends.

Our pets are our family members and we know that many of you share the same strong human-animal bond that we cherish. When our pets are showing signs of aging, it is often difficult to determine the best course of treatment.

The Travel Vet services are designed to allow lthe best quality of life for our beloved family members. We offer consultation to discuss quality of life issues. This consultation combined with a thorough physical examination and review of treatment options will help to guide the process of making difficult decisions.

Services offered include quality of life evaluation, and treatment options based on the evaluation. If the best decision for our pets is to allow them freedom from pain and suffering, we offer compassionate in-home euthanasia.

We also provide referrals for grief counseling upon request.

Examples of Patients That May Need Hospice Include Those With:

-Chronic Arthritis

-Chronic Renal (Kidney) Failure=

-Chronic Liver Disease

-Incurable/Untreated Cancer

-Undiagnosed Patients Needing Quality of Life Care

Other Resources for Grief and Loss Support:

-Becky Andrews, LPC, FT Grief and Loss Support

-The Argus Institute

-WSU Pet Loss Support

-Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

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